The #1 Transformation Program for Female Medical Professionals
THE #1 Transformation Program for Female Medical Pros
... In FORM OF A comprehensive COACHING PROGRAM AND specifically designed for THE female medical proFESSIONAL focusing on YOUR Mindset, YOUR nutrition, YOUR exercise, YOUR community! it's all about YOU AND ACHIEVING LIFE LASTING RESULTS!
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'Evolution Coaching University 3.0' is a 24 weeks program for only $59/w.
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What People Are Saying About This Life Changing Program...
I used to do bikini comps and thought I knew how and what to eat, how to train etc. But Patrick just topped everything and I have been feeling at my best since I have started with his program!
Review By Rosie Widdison
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love his program. I do have some health challenges which always prevented me from losing weight etc. But with Patrick's program I not only lost cms but I also changed mentally and I see things completely different than before! What a game changer it is!
Review By Jacalyn Tolson
I am a student nurse and a power lifter. Patrick's program changed the way how I looked at food and I could even increase my personal bests in power lifting! Now I am training to join the Australian Olympic Team and I am sure with my new mindset I am going to represent Australia one day!
Review By Caitlin Stockman

I was at my heaviest when I met Patrick. He has designed this program specifically for us medical pros and I finally managed to not only lose weight and get down to 69kg for the first time ever! But his program also educates us in regards to nutrition, how to make our mindset our best friend and so much more that I can't even express how grateful I am for his dedicated work!

Sneha Raut | Phd Student | Australia

Pat and I 'met' on social media and even though I was very skeptical 'Oh, another program with empty promises!' I signed up solely because of his energy! His program was my breakthrough and the results speak for themselves! I am happier, healthier, more confident and my marriage is at an all-time high! 

Libby Hunter | Paramedic | Australia

I am an A&E nurse and found Patrick on Facebook. He gave me the vision what I could achieve and I gave it a go! At that time I was suffering from sever lower back pain which got me to a stage where I had to think about quitting my job as a nurse. However, Patrick took great care of me and not only did I lose weight, learned how to smile again but through his program my back pain literately disappeared. You can imagine what this means to me! 

Nicole Kuchel | Nurse | Australia

As a theatre nurse I rarely get any breaks and I put on significant weight. Patrick's program is really easy to follow and he even called me to give me more ideas about my nutrition and how I can tackle the challenge of not getting enough snacks etc. I have lost weight which is great but the biggie for me is that I love looking in the mirror again and I love who and what I see!

Lauren Krieg | Nurse | Australia
What Do We Do inside Of Our Evolution Coaching University 3.0 •
  • Evolution 3.0 - we give you unlimited access to our online platform Evolution Coaching Program 3.0 for the rest of your life. Including future updates etc. The content will be delivered in form of daily videos, podcasts, articles etc. but of course we are here for you as well in form of weekly live calls and webinars. Furthermore you get direct access to us 24/7 and we literately want you to contact us anytime, even if it's 3am in the morning, if you have any questions, any challenges etc. Because if we know about it, we can help you, if we don't know about it, we can't help you!
  • Mindset - in my Evolution Coaching Program 3.0 we are going to change your mindset and make sure that it becomes not only your most powerful asset but also your best friend. Developing a powerful mindset without any external mentor ship can be a tedious and frustrating task, as you don't know where and how to start and what to do. Through our unique approach to this topic, you will get all the mentor ship you require to change your mind and sub-consequently you are going to change your life!
  • Nutrition - we educate you in nutrition and we keep it really simple. Our nutrition modules are not based on a diet plan as diets do not work! We rather show and teach you how you can still eat what you want and love, while achieving and maintaining your weight goals!
  • Exercise - we provide you not only with your own personalised workout program tailored to your specific needs, preferences and goals but you also get full access to our own fitness app which we you are going to use to track your workouts, your weigh-ins, your measurements, your progress photos and also your nutritional intake. This way you get a great understanding of where you are at, at any point of time during the program. And we can also check on your progress and correct things quite quickly and efficiently!
  • Community - Get access to our online community. This community is exclusively for female medical pros only. All of our ladies are like-minded medical professionals who all have the same challenges to deal with, the same goals and basically understand you and your challenges. We learn of each other, feed of each other, have each others back and also hold each other accountable! Within a team everything is so much easier and you will meet new people and make new friends from all around the world!
  • Coaching - Our biggest goal is to equip you with all the tools and knowledge that you need to succeed in all aspects of your life for the rest of your life. We do weekly live calls and webinars to make sure you get the most out of our program! Our fitness app has an in-app messenger and this is your way to communicate with us literately 24/7! And when we say 24/7 we mean 24/7! A part of coaching is to hold you accountable and responsible for what you are doing or not doing! This is a powerful tool to get you closer to your personal goals every single day! Coaching however is only available for active members in our coaching university program!
  • You - It's about you and not us! We want you to become the best version of yourself and as long as you follow the program and work with us, we can guarantee you results! 100%!
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