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Healthy Recipes For The Busy Medical Pro
What Is Our Recipe Book About?
We put this book together to make it even easier for you to follow your nutrition regime which we teach on our Evolution Platform! 

All of these recipes are easy to follow, easy and fast to prepare and provide balanced nutrition for your busy day! 
The recipe booklet is for free for you as a valued member of one of my programs. 

However to be able to keep this offer up, I need you to cover only $4.95 for the cloud storage etc. 

All further updates will be for 100% free! 
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Samples of Our Recipes
Apricot Balsamic Chicken
Vegetarian Halibut En Papillote
Here's What You'll Get From My Recipe Booklet:
  • Easy to prepare meals
  • No more boring day in day out the same meal
  • Follow your nutrition plan, combine it with this booklet
  • Running out of ideas? Not with this booklet anymore!
  • Take it with you, wherever you go
  • Designed for one serve but easy to multiply
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